GBWhatsApp Pro by FouadMODs

Version: 17.51 | Size: 68MB

YCWhatsApp by FouadMODs

Version: 9.11 | Size: 51 MB

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  • WhatsApp Plus.
  • YMWhatsApp.

About GBWhatsApp Pro APK (2023)

GB Whatsapp Pro is a modified version of the original WhatsApp. GBWhatsapp is one of the most popular WhatsApp mods. Which provides the user with more features than the original WhatsApp. This is a third-party application so not available on the google play store. You can use our website to download it. You will find all versions of GB WhatsApp available on this website.

There are some features like hiding your online status, interface color, font style change, and many more features available in it. You can use password lock in it without downloading any third-party application. If you are looking for an alternative app to WhatsApp then GB Whatsapp Pro is the best option. Which provides many types of facilities. If you use it once, you will fall in love with it.

GBWhatsApp PRO is the most used WhatsApp alternative app ever. It was developed on March 4, 2018, by developer AlexMOD from Russia country. It is updated every month with lots of bug fixes and new features. GB WhatsApp PRO is much better than the original WhatsApp, that’s why people like them more. If you are looking for an alternative app to WhatsApp for instant messaging, then download GBWhatsApp PRO APK now.

We all know that the most used app for instant messaging app is WhatsApp, it has lots of amazing features that help us in chatting. Apart from this, there are many other missing features that should be there in WhatsApp. WhatsApp MOD was created only to fulfill these missing features. Like we can’t send more than 30 images at once, and can’t share big videos. GBWhatsApp Pro, you can share up to 100 images at once on this WhatsApp MOD. GB WhatsApp Pro fulfills all the shortcomings that are on the original WhatsApp.


Change Icon

 Now you want to hide GBWhatsApp from the home screen or want to change the icon of GBWhatsApp pro so that no one will know that this is your WhatsApp application.

Change Notification icon

You can change not only one icon of GBWhatsApp APK but also the notification icon. You can set it as Telegram and Instagram icons.


Now supports GBWhatsApp themes features. With Theme, you can change the entire design and layout of the default WhatsApp screen.

Group Features

There are some features on GBWhatsApp Pro that only group admins can see. If you are the admin of a group, then you can find out who sends the most messages in the group, and who is the most active person in the group.

Dnd Mode

You want to use the internet on mobile, but there is a problem with too many messages on WhatsApp. Try DND mode for this. This completely disconnects your WhatsApp from the internet.

Enable password

Privacy is important for everyone. So lock your WhatsApp with a password or fingerprint. Also lock specific chats, groups etc.

Backup & Restore

Want to shift from original WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp pro without loose data? If yes, then first take a backup of the original WhatsApp.

2 Day Status

Till now you were viewing the status for 24 hours. status post on WhatsApp usually Automatically gets deleted after 24 hours. But now with the help of this feature.

Advanced Privacy 

Advanced privacy settings are available in GBWhatsApp Pro Apk which is not available on the original WhatsApp application. You get many privacy features like hiding your status.

Send HD  image

 We have to send the images in original quality. On original WhatsApp, we use the documents option to send images of original quality. Now you can share images in the highest quality on GBWhatsApp Pro.

Pinned Chats

On the original WhatsApp, you could pin only three-person chats. Chats of up to 1000 contacts can be pinned instead of three on GBWhatsApp 2023.


Why GBWhatsapp APK is not on Google Play Store?

This is a third-party application developed by a developer. So it is not available on Google Play Store due to license and copyright issues.

Why sometimes GBWhatsapp’s download speed become slow?

When more people download together, the downloading speed is bound to be slow due to the heavy load on the server.

Does GBWhatsapp APK work on iPhones?

No, currently its version is available only for Android mobiles. In the future, if WhatsApp mods application for iPhone is available then we will update this on our website.