How to Add Stickers in GBWhatsApp Pro [Full Guide]

If you use WhatsApp for instant messaging then we all use stickers while chatting. If we use stickers while chatting, our chatting experience gets further enhanced. Today we are going to tell you how to add stickers in GBWhatsApp Pro.

There are already millions of stickers available on the internet that you can include in your GBWhatsApp Pro. Many developers are creating stickers of all categories like Funny, Bollywood, Sad, Love, Friendship etc.

When we chat with someone on GB WhatsApp, text messaging becomes boring, so we use stickers, emojis, and GIFs to enhance the chatting experience. If you want to know how to add stickers to GBWhatsApp Pro. So today we are going to tell you this in this article.

Method 1: Using GBStickers Android App

GBWhatsApp Pro is the first way to add stickers to the app. Through GBStickers APK you can add stickers to GB WhatsApp.

This Android app includes a library of sticker packs from your favourite categories. You can include the stickers available on the GBstickers apk on your GB WhatsApp. For this you will have to download the GBstickers apk on your smartphone.

To add stickers to your GB WhatsApp, first you have to download the latest version of GBStickers APK in your mobile. Click on the download link given below and download GBStickers APK in your mobile.

Steps to Add Stickers Through GBStickers Apk

Step 1: Download GBStickers APK on your phone by clicking on the link given above.

Step 2: Now search for the downloaded app and install GBStickers Pack app.

Step 3:After successful installation, open this app.

Step 4: Now run GBStickers APK in your mobile and Choose from the listed stickers and click the green (+) button.

Step 5: Find your favorite sticker pack and add it.

Step 6: Now all the stickers you have added have been added to your GBWhatsApp Pro app.

In this way, you can add stickers on your GBWhatsApp Pro with the help of GBStickers app.

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